Tuesday, April 10, 2012


H2O we call it water. We humans are made of 70% of water. Wow that is just something so interesting. Now how long can a human go with out water before we perish? Such an essential part of our lives yet we take it for granted. I recently moved to a city in which i feel the water is too hard and full of chlorine. Of course i have not tested it my self but my reaction to it seems to be the case. I wonder what is really in my drinking water, and my showering water. As you know the largest organ we have is our skin which absorbs almost everything. eeks thats scary. I'm just writing because i want to know, and i wish i could make a change or a difference some how. or at least find a way to conserve and protect something so important. and whats up with paying for water, how did that ever happen, how sad is that? Mother nature has provided for us everything necessary to survive and be happy but what have we done? we have contaminated her… i think too much, and i have so many questions, Don't you? I've been think about water for a while now and researching what ever info i can get on the bottle water here. If anyone has suggestions of water filters, and softeners pls share. also if anyone has heard of kangan water pls share your thoughts. And if there is anyone whom is apart of a program to help save water or help keep it clean pls share as well.


  1. Nargis,I appreciate your concern for water.You are so right when you say " at least find a way to conserve and protect something so important. and whats up with paying for water, how did that ever happen, how sad is that? " It's like we are buying water by the river.And that is,indeed,very sad.

    Globalization and Urbanization(involves people migrating from rural areas to cities in search of better living conditions and opportunities which leads to ecological disturbance)are one of the many reasons for depleting water resources and contamination levels that are alarming.We must be aware of our duties,as conscious citizens of the country,not to waste water and pollute it.Many say that the next war would be fought for water.But I'm optimistic.

    It's time we stop contaminating rivers like The Ganges,realize our responsibilities and contribute whatever we can to preserve water.I think we need to educate people about the consequences of their actions and attitude towards a necessity that is as precious as platinum.Our Government(and NGOs) should come up with programs that address this issue and tell people about their individual roles and how they can contribute towards solving an impending water crisis.Govt has already set up the NGRBA(NATIONAL GANGA RIVER BASIN AUTHORITY) to spearhead river conservation efforts at the national level.

    And I would suggest you use the portable water filter,Aquaguard by Eureka Forbes for drinking purposes.It's a trusted brand and safe to use.Here's the link http://www.eurekaforbes.com/water-purifiers.aspx

    Sorry,I don't know much about kangen water so can't comment.And as far as bottled water is concerned,Bisleri and Aquafina are sure healthy and fit for drinking(provided we know it's not a duplicate/fake product.Scary,it is.haha)

    For water softeners,you can check out this site http://www.water-softener-aquionics.com/Domestic-water-filters-softeners-purifiers-RO-manufacturers/#.T4ep4lFDw_0.

    It's great putting in my 5 cents on this water issue.

    I'm a huge fan of yours.You are very,very pretty and an amazing actress :)Wishing you all success in life.And I love the fact that you express your gratitude towards the Universe.I'm sure you've read Rhonda Byrne's The Secret.Her new book,The Magic,is out now.

    Have a great year ahead.Take care :)